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Report: Pujya Swami Sahajananda's 94th Birth Anniversary

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In celebrating Pujya Swami Sahajananda's 94th Birth Anniversary on Wednesday, 10 July at Sivanandashram, Reservoir Hills, we paid homage firstly to our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda for manifesting his Divine Grace in this country and for working through Pujya Swamiji to promote his mission in South Africa. Pujya Swamiji, who earned the respect, admiration and reverence of people of all walks of life, is heralded as one of the greatest sons of Africa. His steadfastness on the spiritual path, devotion to the Master, dedication to the mission, surrender to the Divine and sincerity of purpose resulted in this beacon of light spreading the divine knowledge of the Master to all parts of the globe.

In a letter dated 13 August 1956, the Master wrote a letter to Pujya Swamiji in which he says, "All the letters I get from South Africa, Mombasa and Nairobi contain pages on your glory and the great impression you have created among the devotees. It is all due to the Grace of the Lord and the purity you have attained through Para Bhakti. When you advance in Sadhana, there is a marvellous, mysterious Power coming from every bit of your action and word. May you gloriously prosper".

In the article, "Grace & Self-Effort" the Master states, "Change of your nature and God-realisation cannot come to you as a miracle done by your Guru. The Guru and Shastras can show you the path and remove your doubts. Direct experience of God is left to you to achieve."

In the pre-recorded audio message, Pujya Swamiji spoke at length on the path of self-surrender. "Our devotion goes to the Guru first because it is the Guru who leads us to God. There is a free relationship between the Guru and disciple. The Guru does not sit on a pedestal. You can talk to him, you can question him, you can even argue with him. As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita 'By questioning you get knowledge'. To make a million rand, to go to the moon is nothing, but to get God-realisation, the price must be paid. Imagine being the whole universe, your soul expands, it is a stupendous experience. The mind stands aghast even when a little bit of the power enters. As you go on in your spiritual practices, your vision expands. Then the whole universe seems to you as a form of the Guru. Many people limit the Guru to a single body. Guru is all-pervading. So, we revere all Gurus and bow to them but we follow one." Pujya Swamiji concluded with this powerful statement, "We have been very fortunate that in our lifetime we had a Mahapurusha like Gurudev. And, we all have to agree that in the whole country, no other saint has given to South Africa what Swami Sivananda has given."

New ReleaseOn this day, we released our latest publication, Ramayana for Children. This publication is taken from Yoga Lessons for Children and is very special to us as Lord Rama was Pujya Swamiji's Ishta Devata and consequently the majority of DLS devotees are also Ram Bhaktas. The most impressionable period of a person's life is the tender age of childhood when strong spiritual thoughts can be imprinted on the mind of the child. It is envisaged that parents will read this inspiring publication to their Spiritual Darlings, especially at bed time. When the child is asleep, the subconscious mind will actively consolidate all the powerful thoughts from this unique publication and lay the foundation for a stable spiritual life in the years to come. Children are the custodians of the future and as explained by Sri Gurudev and Pujya Swamiji, if we carefully monitor their progress from the very beginning, it will reap handsome dividends. In this publication, we have aptly included various beautiful multi-colour hand drawn pictures on important aspects of this epic. These were artistically produced by one of our talented DLS youth. We express our deep gratitude to him and to all who contributed to this book for their creativity and labour of love.

Spiritual Darlings of VerulamOur Spiritual Darlings from Verulam stole the hearts of devotees with their confident, sweet and innocent presentation of "Pujya Swamiji Says". Their presentation was interspersed with song & music as they expressed some of the most profound thoughts injected with some humour:

• Wealth is not always the cause of happiness and poverty is not the main cause of suffering.
• If I win, I shall be happy, if I lose, I shall also be happy.
• If you have God at your side, you will not have any problems.
• A courageous person is always cool and calm.
• Moan, groan and complain, but always repeat God's Name.
• Our ladies have a reserve tank of crocodile tears.

The climax of their presentation was the Birthday Song to Pujya Swamiji. They succeeded in getting the congregation to join them in singing Happy Birthday to Pujya Swamiji. Well done, Spiritual Darlings of Verulam.

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