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"All Souls Day" Prayer Service

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In accordance with the instructions of our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda, the first of each month is observed as "All Souls Day" at the Sivananda Ghat. The function commences at 5pm and ends about 6.30pm(Summer times) and from 4.30pm to about 6pm in May, June and July.

1. First illuminated lights are floated in the Ganga fountain at Sivananda Ghat while the Ganga Arati is played over the sound system.

2. This is followed by a short havan performed by a qualified Pundit. Members of the bereaved family are encouraged to sit for this mass-havan for the peace of the departed soul. Enquiries can be made at the Ghat.

3. Then devotees of the Society and members of bereaved families sing in chorus some extremely sweet and soul-elevating Bhajans while walking around the building.

4. The soul-stirring Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram Mantra is chanted for several minutes at the end of the programme. Bereaved families can repeat this Mantra at home for the deceased. It will bring great peace to departed souls.

5. Seats are provided for the aged and those who find walking strenuous.

6. The function ends with Shanti Paat and distribution of Prasad and spiritual literature.

7. On the same day there is poor feeding in some school or charitable institution in the name of the departed souls for their peace and happiness.

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