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Established in 1949 by Sri Swami Sivananda

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Written by Swami Sahajananda, Divine Life Society, Durban, South Africa


Here is an entertaining and educational play of how one youth got rid of his TV.

Scene: The lounge of Mr Softiwalla's home. Mr T.V. is anxiously awaiting Gopala, the son of Mr Softiwalla, who has gone to attend a discourse given by Swamiji. Gopala enters, humming the tune of "Apadbandhava Narayana".

Mr TV: Come, my sweet slave. Come with that enchanting zombie look! I have some good news for you. Because you have great love and devotion to me, I have decided to give you the title "Addictananda".

Gopala simply walks past, without so much as giving Mr TV a sideways glance. He pauses at the exit.

Gopala: Wait, blockhead! I'll deal with you just now.

Exit Gopala

Mr TV: What has come over him now? He is behaving rather strangely. He seems to be possessed by some good spirit. If that is the case, I am surely doomed.

Gopala returns. With his left hand on his hip, he raises his right fist at Mr TV.

Gopala: I am not your slave anymore, Mr TV. Those days are over. I will be soon busy with my Sri Ram Mantra, and afterwards I shall be helping Daddy in the garden. (He wags his finger at Mr TV.) So Mr TV, kindly keep your eyes closed and your big mouth shut!

With that he switches off Mr TV.

Mr TV: O my Lord! What is this world coming to? If you behave like this Gopala you will surely go to the dogs.

Gopala: Nearly right, blockhead. Not dogs, but Gods. I am going to God now. I'm through with you. You are not my boss anymore. I am your boss now.

Mr TV: Oh no!

It is evening. Mr TV is sitting in the corner gloomily. Enter Mr Softiwalla, father of Gopala.

Mr TV: O Mr Softiwalla! I have been waiting all afternoon for you. You have been very good to me, Mr Softiwalla. I have been happy as long as you have been soft with Gopala. It was you who allowed him to sit in front of me for hours on end, neglecting his school lessons and deprived of exercise. It was the long hours in front of me that has given him his beautiful zombie look. This afternoon, however, he was very rude to me, Mr Softiwalla.

Mr Softiwalla: Why, what was the problem, Mr TV ?

Mr TV: He actually showed me his fist in a threatening manner, Mr Softiwalla. What a cheek! What an insult! And this, after giving him the beautiful title "Addictananda"! I am very much afraid of him now, Mr Softiwalla.

Mr Softiwalla: What makes you think in that manner, Mr TV.

Mr TV: You know what these modern children are like, Mr Softiwalla. With all the hypertension in the world today, he could smash me to pieces in no time. My life is in great danger in this house, Mr Softiwalla. Is this what I get for all the good times I gave Gopala?

Mr TV bursts out crying.

Mr Softiwalla: You have a lot of poison in your system, Mr TV. You are spilling this out and spoiling the atmosphere. You need a very strong divine drug to put you right.

Mr TV: Please, Mr Softiwalla, if you give me such a drug, make sure it does not have any side effects! Oh! I feel so insulted, humiliated and disgusted. I just can't take it any more. I feel so depressed that I have a good mind to jump into the Ganga with a concrete slab tied to my neck.

MR TV bursts out sobbing again.

Mr Softiwalla: Yes, that might do you some good. It is said that anyone taking a dip in the Ganga is destined to have a better birth. Maybe you will be reborn as a more evolved TV, who knows?

Mr TV: What does that mean, Mr Softiwalla?

Mr Softiwalla: It means that you may then devote more of your time to showing God's wondrous creation through His beautiful landscapes and waterfalls, sweet-smelling flowers and colourful birds. His majestic animals, like the sinewy tiger and the fleet-footed cheetah, also proclaim His glory and majesty. You may even give up your bad habit of playing out disco music and violent scenes, which attract evil forces. You can then give more attention to singing the praises and glories of the Lord.

With that Mr Softiwalla picks up another box labelled, FRAGILE, DELIVER DIRECT TO THE GANGA, and walks towards Mr TV.

Mr TV: Oh! You, too, Mr Softiwalla. How can you let me down like this? Henceforth you should be called "Hardywalla", not "Softiwalla".

Terrified, Mr TV flees. He is last seen with his suitcases packed, heading in the direction of the North Pole-who knows, perhaps to drown himself in the North Sea instead of the Ganga, to avoid disgracing the TV world!

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