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Report: Launch of 41 Day Sri Hanuman Chalisa Recital

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The launch of this most auspicious 41-day Sri Hanuman Chalisa recital took place on Saturday, 30 July 2022 via online audio stream as well an in-person Satsang at Sivanandashram, Reservoir Hills. The programme commenced at 5.30pm with Ganga Arati, followed by invocation, reading and the recital.

The Sri Hanuman Chalisa is very powerful and very effective for the removal of all mental problems. It brings good health, success and prosperity. It cures diseases, counteracts evil forces and the effects of "black magic", which are so prevalent today. It was recommended to Pujya Swami Sahajananda by Pujya Mata Krishnabai of Anandashram, one of the greatest of recent saints. In this critical period, collective recital of the Sri Hanuman Chalisa will assist in counteracting the scourges of our times. A verse in the Sri Hanuman Chalisa tells us of the power of the Sri Hanuman Chalisa in assisting the world, Naashai Roga Harai Saba Peera Japata Nirantara Hanumata Beera, which translated means, "All diseases are destroyed and pain and sorrow vanish when your great and powerful Name is repeated incessantly".

In the book, Essence of Ramayana, Sri Swami Sivananda wrote the following, "Sri Hanuman was the living embodiment of the power of Ram-Nam. His body was hard as stone so Anjani named him "Vajranga". He is also known by the names "Mahabir" or mightiest hero (because he exhibited several heroic feats), Balibima and Maruti. The world has not yet seen and will not see in the future also a mighty hero like Sri Hanuman. During his lifetime, he worked wonders and exhibited super-human feats of strength and valour. He has left behind a name which, as long as the world lasts, will continue wielding a great influence over the minds of millions of people."

Sri Hanuman was an ideal selfless worker, a true Karma Yogi who worked desirelessly. As Sri Gurudev wrote, "No one reached the peak in Dasya Bhava like Sri Hanuman". He was a great devotee and an exceptional Brahmachari or celibate. He served Sri Rama with pure love and devotion, without expecting any fruit in return. He was humble, brave and wise. He said to Ravana, "I am a humble messenger of Sri Rama. I have come here to serve Sri Rama, to do His work. By the command of Sri Rama, I have come here. I am fearless by the Grace of Sri Rama. I am not afraid of death. I welcome it if it comes while serving Sri Rama."

Again, in the Essence of Ramayana, our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda wrote, "Where Hanuman is, there are Sri Rama and Sri Sita and wherever Sri Rama and Sri Sita are praised and their deeds are recited, there is Hanuman. Glory to Hanuman, the blessed devotee of Lord Rama".


Herewith some guidelines from Pujya Swami Sahajananda: "Those who wish to recite the 41-Day Sri Hanuman Chalisa for the purposes stated above, must follow these instructions for the performance:

  1. The Sri Hanuman Chalisa should be repeated regularly for 41 days, either in the morning or in the evening.
  2. Have a bath and wear clean clothes.
  3. Sit in any comfortable posture in front of the picture of Sri Hanuman.
  4. Keep some fruit as Prasad in a little tray.
  5. Keep 11 flowers in another small tray.
  6. First commence repeating some Guru Mantras.
  7. After the repetition of the Guru Mantras, commence the Sri Hanuman Chalisa from Sri Guru Charana Sarojaraja...
  8. Complete the repetition till the end, until Hridaya Basahu Sura Bhoop Sita Ram.
  9. On completion of the repetition once, offer one flower to Sri Hanuman.
  10. Do the repetition 11 times at one sitting. Each time a repetition is completed, offer one flower. In this way offer all 11 flowers.
  11. After the completion 11 times at one sitting, repeat some Shanti Mantras, prostrate and get up.
  12. The fruit can be distributed to all as Prasad.
  13. While sitting in the posture, do not change it or look around. Keep the eyes closed and concentrate on Sri Hanuman, or concentrate on his picture with eyes open.
  14. On completion of the Mantra 11 times for 41 days, perform Havan with the help of a qualified Pundit, and do some Puja in a Hanuman Temple with the guidance of a priest.
  15. You can also do poor feeding or some charity on completion of the Yajna.
  16. Women undergoing the monthly cleansing process can repeat the Mantra during the period but should not do any offering on the shrine.

The recital of our 41-day Sri Hanuman Chalisa will culminate on Thursday, 8 September 2022, coinciding with the 135th Birth Anniversary celebrations of our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda. We offer this recital as our gratitude to Sri Gurudev for his continued guidance and boundless compassion and mercy upon us. As the world faces many challenges, we pray for peace, courage and lasting solutions for all of these. We are most grateful to all who have pledged to undertake this 41-day recital. May the blessings of Sri Rama, Sri Hanuman, and our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda be upon you and your family always!

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