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Report: Anniversary Satsang - 5 June 2020

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The 71st Anniversary of Divine Life Society of S.A. and the 15th Anniversary of Sivananda Ghat was celebrated via our online Satsang programmes on Friday, 5 June 2020. It must be reiterated, wrote Pujya Swami Sahajananda, that the growth and development of the Society is due entirely to the Grace of our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda. We are deeply indebted to our Divine Master and Pujya Swamiji for their much-needed guidance these past 71 years.

A very appropriate article (Blessings in Disguise) was selected from the booklet, Solving the Problems of Kali Yuga, which was edited and adapted by Sri Swami Sahajananda. It goes as follows, "Adversities, trials, difficulties, calamities, diseases, afflictions, pains and sufferings are all blessings in disguise. They strengthen the will and increase the power of endurance. They turn the mind more and more towards God. They instil in us discrimination and dispassion. They draw out our latent faculties. They force us to perform even beyond our ability. They develop all the talents and capacities lying dormant within us.

"It is easy to bask in the sunshine of prosperity. The crucial test is your reaction under adversity and hardship. God wants us to enjoy eternal bliss and peace. For this purpose, the body and mind have to be thoroughly purified and strengthened, so that they may be able to bear the pressure of His matchless bliss and peace. This process of purification and strengthening cannot be effected without one confronting adverse conditions and circumstances. Furthermore, nature's Law of Cause and Effect operates with relentless precision. The wise and discriminative person will allow the effects of his past actions to bear fruit by meeting all the conditions of life with patience, good cheer, calmness and faith in God". Very relevant for this current day and age!

Two of the Master's articles, taken from Swami Sivananda In Pictures were also read at the online Satsang: "Be A Hero" and "Obedience". In the article on Obedience the Master states, "Only he who obeys can command. One who commands efficiently must have obeyed others in the past; and a man who obeys dutifully is worthy of being a leader someday".

In the pre-recorded audio message, Pujya Swamiji read a message from Mother Krishnabai of Ananda Ashram in Kerala, India. "For World Peace and Prayer: O Lord of the Universe! Beloved Papa, you are eternal, infinite, formless and attributeless. You are manifested as the entire Universe. You have brought the world situation to such a state now, that it is full of strife and distress with the result that everyone is gripped with fear. The only hope for humanity is to take refuge in you, by praying to you and chanting your name constantly. In the Ashram here, as prompted by you, Nama Japa is going on more intensely for the past two years for world peace. In order to gain more strength for doing the Nama Japa, and for the complete success of the same, I pray to all the Gurus, Mahatmas and Swamis who are all eternal and infinite to bless us with success in our efforts to do more Japa and also grant our prayer for world peace. I also pray that besides the normal daily routine of prayers, etc., in their organisations, they may kindly request all those there to chant their Guru Mantra as much as possible for world peace. Kindly inform us every month of the total number of Japa done of the Guru Mantra for the month. I lay my head at the holy feet of all of you, to grant this prayer of mine and to bring peace in this disturbed world." What humility and sincerity from a great saint!

Pujya Swamiji continues, "I am sure that many of you are doing the Japa as requested. So, what I thought is that some of you might not be recording it and giving it to us, so I'm going to request all of you to at least keep a record. Not only for world peace, but peace for ourselves. The world is none other than ourselves. If we pray for the world, we pray for ourselves. The world is not different from us. I am requesting again that families have at least one-hour Satsang with Japa in the evening."

We conclude with the words from our Divine Master. In his handwritten letters to Pujya Swamiji, the Divine Master gave this assurance about the work of Divine Life Society of South Africa:

"God will look after the divine work.
Lord will look after everything."

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