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Update: DLS SA COVID-19 Initiatives

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We are happy to report on our COVID-19 initiatives. Many tearfully expressed their feelings of gratitude for our assistance in providing nutritious grocery hampers during this period of deprivation. In all, 2500 grocery hampers and scores of fresh produce hampers were distributed to needy families. Through the Grace of our Master, and your kind support, the various organisations that we supported were able to continue with their service activities. The Sivananda King Dinuzulu Hospital Screening Centre in Sydenham, Durban, continues to render much-needed support to the community. More than 2000 cloth face masks were distributed via our grocery hamper distribution programme and to members of the public using the Sivananda Ghat during the pandemic. This is an ongoing project and masks are now being manufactured at our Sewing Centres for the public. These masks will also be distributed to schools. Our gratitude to all those who provided assistance to this programme.

Sivananda Dinuzulu

Image:  Sivananda King Dinuzulu Hospital Screening Centre in Sydenham DURBAN 
Sponsored by Divine Life Society of S.A

During these trying times, many devotees appealed to us to provide spiritual sustenance in the form of Satsangs. 2500 Copies of our Glory of the Divine Name booklets and our pamphlets, creating awareness of our Ashrams and Centres, were also distributed. We arranged online audio-stream Satsangs from 2 April to date. Pujya Swamiji said that we should try and see Gurudev's Grace even in difficult situations. It is most gratifying that although regular places of worship were not accessible due to the coronavirus, devotees converted their prayer rooms into temples and performed mass regular online Satsang. Many who may not have been regular in attending Satsang started participating more often. This is surely Divine Grace upon us during this pandemic.

COVID 19 HAMPERSSince 2 April to date (24 May) there were 31 online broadcasts with more than 29 000 views from across the globe. These included devotees from many parts of South Africa, India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand and Germany. We feel gratified by responses from participants from various parts of the globe. A devotee from the Middle East wrote, "Warm greetings to all. Thank you to DLS for the soul stirring Satsang. How lovely to hear many familiar voices singing so beautifully together. It was so spiritually comforting and uplifting. It filled me with fortitude and strength. The most precious advantage of this broadcast was that it was possible for the Master's Divine Name to be heard in various parts of the world, filling the environment with pure and much needed healing energy. Congratulations to the Satsang team for this brilliant initiative. You cannot possibly imagine how blessed and protected I feel as a devotee of Gurudev at this time when I am far away from South Africa. With much gratitude and humility".

COVID 19 HAMPERS 1Another letter of gratitude came from Toronto, "What a wonderful thought. Thank you for giving us the privilege to share in the online Satsang. We were "transported" to both the Prayer Halls in Durban and Pietermaritzburg and enjoyed the Satsang thoroughly. The beautiful music, the melodious singing of the Kirtans, Mantras and the reading, all contributed to this inspiring Satsang. May Gurudev bless you for so graciously helping to lessen the stress we are all experiencing during this time of isolation and fear. Our best wishes and respects to all. May Gurudev give all at Divine Life Society the strength to continue to help others at this time. Thank you for the opportunity".

The Society will continue to promote our glorious Hindu Dharma and assist with humanitarian activities wherever it can. Once again, our sincere thanks for your unstinting support. May our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda and Pujya Swamiji bless you and your family with good health, peace, protection and prosperity.

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