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Report: Sri Krishna Janmashtami

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami, the sacred Birthday of Lord Krishna, was celebrated at all Divine Life Society of S.A. Ashrams on Monday, 3 September. Bhagavan Sri Krishna was the Ishta Devata of our Divine Master, who wrote the following in Lord Krishna & His Lilas: "Lord Krishna was the highest incarnation of the great Vishnu. He was the unique and crowning incarnation of all. He was the world teacher. He was the one Lord of love. His divine form holds the heart of India captive in chains, even today. The Bhagavata, the Mahabharata, the Vishnu Purana—all proclaim with one voice that there was none to match Sri Krishna in beauty and elegance of form in all three worlds."

Our Divine Master wrote several poems glorifying the Purna Avatar of Lord Vishnu, which reveal the intimate divine relationship that the Master enjoyed with the Lord. Herewith a few excerpts from the poem "There comes Krishna"

I hear his footsteps,
I know their sounds.
He comes and lifts me up,
He embraces and blesses.

In another poem, "Grace my Cottage" the Master expresses his deep yearning:

Why comest Thou not to my cottage?
I am waiting and waiting,
I am anxiously looking for Thee;
I am tired and exhausted.
I pine away without Thee.
Bestow Thy vision to me;
Come, soothe my burning heart."

Let us pray to the Master to bless us with this yearning and aspiration, so that, we too, may enjoy the deep abiding peace and joy.

In a pre-recorded audio message, Pujya Swamiji read about the touching meeting between Lord Krishna and His childhood friend Sudama. The story of Sudama is very popular in the Bhagavata. Pujya Swamiji read in a warm, intimate and conversational style and captured the attention of listeners. The two friends shared intimate childhood memories. The joy of meeting his old friend was so much that Sudama even forgot to ask his friend for help, this being the main reason for his visit. Such is the joy of pure friendship. Ask for nothing in return!

In the DVD, "Wisdom of Sivananda" we heard the Master's melodious voice in praise of Lord Krishna. Included in the Bhajan, the Master reinforced his teaching of "Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate Realise"—an absolute necessity in spiritual life.Satsangees were also thrilled to listen to a Bhajan (Bansuri Shyamki) and a dance rendition from the Spiritual Darlings of the Reservoir Hills Sivananda Sunday School. The little ones, in their innocent voices sang, "O my Lord give Darshan, O my Lord give Darshan", complementing the poem above, written by the Master, "Grace my Cottage".

The youth boys, the future leaders of the Society, sang three Bhajans with strength and energy.

Amongst the several readings, one may perhaps single out a humorous story of how the Lord in innocent mischief deceived a Gopi (Radha's Mother) during His "butter stealing" sagas. In exasperation she gave up trying to catch him red-handed. "How could she grasp the fact that God can appear in all places at the same time for He is everywhere and ever-full. After that she never dared to go to Yashoda with her complaints. Her devotion and love for Krishna grew day by day. Her little daughter Radha grew up seeing her great devotion, and from that time onwards gave her heart to Him."

Our gratitude to our guest singers: Sri Ketan Parshotam and Sri Solly Pillay, as well as our Bhartiya Natyam dancers, Kumari Roanna Bala and Kumari Shikara Annamalai for gracing the Birthday Celebrations.

On this holy Krishna Janmashtami, we pray earnestly to Lord Krishna for His Darshan so that, we too can enjoy His sweet, intoxicating smile and enrapturing Lotus Eyes and experience His bliss divine.

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