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Report: Sunlit Path Programme Phoenix

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Since 2006, when Sri Swami Sahajananda initiated the Sunlit Path Programme, the Society has reached out to more than 70 schools in KwaZulu-Natal in an attempt to eradicate the scourge of drug addiction, and other social ills, using in the main, a spiritual solution.

On Thursday, 17 May 2018, the Society engaged the attention of 144 learners in a workshop on this same theme. The following secondary schools participated: Earlington, Westham, Phoenix, Northmead and Rydal Park. After completing a three-hour workshop, learners were given the opportunity to peruse and sign a pledge form, to try to take a stand against the scourge of these social ills. We are delighted to report that 112 learners voluntarily resolved to abstain from alcohol, smoking, gambling, drugs and intoxicants. They will also try to avoid viewing undesirable scenes on TV and other social media. Adopting a wholesome diet and a healthy lifestyle is a part of this resolve. Furthermore, they will try to maintain celibacy until marriage and avoid keeping evil company. Maintaining a positive attitude at all times, especially in difficult situations and to conduct daily prayer forms the last part of this pledge. A brave stand indeed! All the topics contained in the pledge form mentioned above were discussed in detail at this workshop. This was the primary purpose of the workshop.

In his welcome address, the Principal of Phoenix Secondary, Mr P.S. Govender commended Divine Life Society of S.A. for organising this programme and said that it was filling in a missing link in the education system. "We often sit back and blame the children for abusing the cell phone and other social media. But, who created these circumstances? It is really up to us to guide them. This programme also sends a signal to the Department of Education to realise the importance of moral education in the lives of children and in the greater community."

We are glad that the presentation on the pledge forms and check list had its desired effect. We reproduce a few gems taken from this presentation to motivate learners to fill in the diary/checklist diligently for their personal development:

1. Look at yourself and try to identify your strengths and weaknesses and record them in your diary.
2. In this way, the diary will make you a better person. There is no doubt about this.
3. Each setback, each trial is a test of God to enable you to find out your strengths or your weaknesses.
4. If you said something nasty to someone, make a note in your diary to learn to speak sweetly at all times. This is how you can improve.
5. I will try to suppress lustful thoughts today.
6. Sometimes a person may insult you. Try not to keep this in your heart. Whatever that person has said to you is gone. It is not there anymore. It now only exists in your own mind. Try to forget it.
7. Daily prayer is a must. Beg Him to help you. For every step you take to God, He will take 1000 steps towards you.
Once again, we express our appreciation for the splendid manner in which our presenters, both adult and youth, enacted the various sketches. It was very convincing and captured the attention of learners.
It is our intention to improve in our presentation and it for this reason that we ask learners to evaluate the programme, honestly, without furnishing their names. Here are some responses:
1. It was interesting in the beginning, but too long. I got bored in the end.
2. Very informative and enlightening. Learners seem motivated and inspired. It will be a change for the better. Include more relaxing exercises, e.g. Yoga and Skills study. (From an educator)
3. To be protected and safe from evil, don't do suicide. Believe in Jesus.
4. I will also help other learners from my school to stop doing drugs and drinking alcohol.
5. I think it should be done for all secondary and primary schools in the Phoenix area.
6. Problems don't last forever. I must not run away from them. God will always be my saviour, protector and guide.
7. I am glad I came to this workshop. It showed me how to keep calm and relaxed. It showed me which path I want to follow. Now I want to follow the Sunlit Path.

Our sincere thanks to the Department of Education for allowing us to organise this programme during school hours. Many thanks also to the principals for the supportive role they played.

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