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Report: Hindu Dharma Campaign Tongaat

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We are pleased to report that the Hindu Dharma Campaign in Tongaat on 15 April was well received. The event which took place at the Trubel Primary School in Tongaat, commenced at 6am and concluded at 1pm. The following organisations participated: Sathya Sai Organisation of SA; Vedanta Gurukula; Maidstone Youth; Art of Living; Tongaat Hindu Unity Forum; Shree Bhagavada Vedanta Gurukula; Belvedere Sai Centre; Vishwaroop Dharmshala; Chinna Thirupathi Temple and Satya Seva Sancarana. Divine Life Society of S.A. was delighted to share this platform with our sister organisations. Their keen participation is indicative of their deep and abiding love for Hindu Dharma, and the preservation thereof.

Pujya Swamiji Sahajananda launched the Hindu Dharma Campaign during the 90's with the following broad aims: 

  • to spread the Glory of Hindu Dharma as per our scriptures and the teachings of our various Saints and Sages
  • to preserve and promote Hindu values and principles.
  • to curb conversion whilst respecting all religion
  • collaborate with various Hindu organisations to plan, organise, and encourage participation in the programme to promote Hindu unity
  • equip Hindus with knowledge of basic Hindu concepts and beliefs through messages, plays, literature, and cultural items.
  • promote daily prayer through Satsang and chanting of the Divine Name
  • Encourage youth involvement and participation in programmes as they are the future custodians of Hindu Dharma.

HDC Tongaat 2

We reproduce a few excerpts from Pujya Swami Sahajananda's message at one of our previous Hindu Dharma Campaigns:

"If you read some of the booklets, like Solving the Problems of Kali Yuga, many of your questions will be answered. The books, What Becomes to the Soul After Death, and Questions & Answers, will enlighten you and clear your doubts regarding life's problems. There are no other books in spiritual literature that can be compared to these two books. They are great spiritual treasures."

"Our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda, used to meditate for 16 hours a day. In winter he would stand in the ice-cold Ganga water and tell his beads and come out only when the sun rose. When I was in Rishikesh I could not last even one minute in the ice-cold Ganga water. Our Master has given his experiences of God-realisation in many poems.

"Swami Ramdas was told to repeat the Mantra, "Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram" by his father. He repeated it for 24 hours a day without any sleep for a whole year. He united with God. Mother Krishnabai, his disciple, after the death of her husband in Mumbai was so depressed that she tried to commit suicide twice. She then went to Swami Ramdas who gave her the above Mantra. At one stage she repeated it for 16 hours a day, walking up and down a room. The floor got worn out. She realised God in three years.

"Sri Ramana Maharishi was an ordinary lad. One day he felt that he was going to die. So, he lay on the floor, stiffened his body and held his breath, but while in that state he felt inwardly that he was not dead. Now he suddenly came in contact with his Higher Self or God. He lost all interest in his studies and ran away to Tiruvannamalai at the age of 17. He was absorbed in God and used to sit anywhere and meditate. Boys used to urinate on him, but he was lost in God. He then went to a cellar in a temple for his meditation. The priest used to just thrust something into his mouth daily. After some months, when people found him, they saw his body full of pus and blood. Ants were eating his body. But the boy was unconscious of the body as he was lost in God. Then they discovered that he was a saint and took care of him. Sri Ramana Maharishi was one of our great sages.

"Sri Aurobindo's father took him away from India to England. He did not want his family to follow Hindu culture. After many years when Sri Aurobindo came to India, he felt a great peace. He started doing Pranayama for 6 hours daily. He wanted to liberate India, that is why he took to spiritual practices. Then he went to a Guru called Lele. The Guru asked if he could stay with him and practise Yoga. Sri Aurobindo at once agreed, leaving his political life. The Guru told him, 'Sit silently and watch the mind. You will see thoughts coming into it. Reject them.' Sri Aurobindo did just that and in three days his mind was filled with a vast infinite peace. Due to his political activities he was arrested and put into prison. He used to walk and meditate....He left politics and settled in Pondicherry. His disciple Mother Mira was from France. She used to get experiences of God at the age of seven. She used to see Lord Krishna also.

"Sri Ramakrishna prayed day and night for 6 months without any sleep. He realised God.

"So, all of us have to do tremendous Tapas if we wish to realise God. One day, either in this birth, in the next birth or in a future birth we will have to start. Why not make a start now and get over all pains, sorrows, miseries and sufferings?

"To make God-realisation the goal of life, one must lead a regulated life. One will have to give up certain activities. As far as possible I myself avoid going out of the Ashram to attend functions at various organisations...I try to get up between 3.30am and 4am and spend some hours in meditation. I hope that in the next few years I will give up most of my activities and spend my time in silence and Sadhana. It is all left in the hands of my Master. I am relating all this to encourage you also to take to Sadhana seriously so that you make the best use of this life on earth."

"I would kindly suggest that you take up a Mantra and keep repeating it throughout the day. It will prevent accidents and other calamities. It will save you from dangers. The Divine Name is the only sure and safe solution for all the problems of life today. Especially you should repeat it while driving."

HDC Tongaat 1

The programme which is inclusive of thought provoking messages, sketches, soothing Bhajans & Kirtans, cultural items, and scriptural recitation, proved to be a rich source of knowledge and inspiration to all. In addition to the Havan that was performed early in the morning, a special prayer for rain was included.

Whilst these campaigns focus on curbing conversion of Hindus, the objectives of such campaigns are not to be antagonistic towards any religion, but instead to strengthen our Hindu sisters and and brothers by promoting the glory of our Hindu Dharma through simple explanation of some of our common Hindu beliefs and concepts, and through Hindu inspired music, drama, and dance.

Our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda believed that in unity we have strength, and in division we fall. It is against this backdrop, and with a solid aim of Hindu unity, that our Hindu Dharma Campaigns have gathered participation from various Hindu organisations, who have rallied together and collaborated with one goal in mind—to promote the glory and grandeur of our Hindu Dharma.

We conclude this report with the words of our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda, "Hinduism will exist as long as the world lasts. There is peculiar, mysterious force that is ingrained in the heart of Hinduism. The more you know of the great religion, the more you will honour it, love it and feel proud of it."

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