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All Souls' Day is a special prayer service conducted at Sivananda Ghat on the first of every month for the peace of all departed souls. On Sunday, 1 May, commencing at 2:30pm, Divine Life Society of SA will have a special All Souls' Day function. 

Pujya Swami Sahajananda's 60th Sannyas Anniversary was observed on Sunday, 10 April at Sivanandashram, Reservoir Hills. The day began at 6am with Ganga Arati, followed by a short invocation. Devotees proceeded to Sahaja Kutir and Pujya Swamiji's sacred room for Darshan. A visit to Sahajananda Diamond Jubilee Hall completed the morning pilgrimage.


The most auspicious Ram Naumi Celebration, being the sacred Birthday of Lord Rama was held at all Divine Life Society Ashram and Branches. A large congregation was present at the headquarters of the Society in Reservoir Hills. Apart from the melodious Bhajans & Kirtans in praise of Lord Rama, as well as the chanting of the Ramayana Slokas, which inspired the congregation, a powerful message from our Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda was read. It urged listeners to follow the path of righteousness.


The Sunlit Path follow-up programme held in the Aryan Hall in Pietermaritzburg on 04 March 2016, was attended by 172 learners from the following ten secondary schools: Arthur Blaxall, Carter High, Eastwood, EPS, Haythorne, Kharina, Northbury, Raisethorpe, Silver Heights and Woodlands.

This special Satsang was observed on 1 March 2016 to honour and remember Pujya Swami Sahajananda who served as Spiritual Head of Divine Life Society with great distinction. It was on this day on 1 March 2007 that "an unusual power of our Divine Master descended in Pujya Swamiji." In Glory of Guru's Grace Pujya Swamiji wrote the following, "When the power descended there was a little disturbance in the beginning but within a few days it settled down. Now there is no change in the descent of the power. I could not believe that the Master would grant me such Divine Grace, a Grace that I do not deserve. If devotees saw my attitude some five years ago and my attitude now, they would be quite surprised that such a tremendous change could take place."

Due to the severe drought conditions that prevail in our country and the subsequent shortage of drinking water in many areas, Divine Life Society of South Africa is embarking on a drive to provide much-needed relief in the form of bottled water. Donors and devotees who wish to participate in this undertaking are kindly requested to call at our office at Sivanandashram Reservoir Hills, contact one of the Society's branches or approach one of our fund-raisers.

Mahasivaratri Report

Mahasivaratri was observed at all Divine Life Society branches on Monday, 7 March. Satsangs continued until 5am the next morning. The programme included a delightful variety of items such as chanting of the Om Namah Sivaya Mantra, offerings at the Siva Linga, Bhajans and Kirtans, classical dancing, video screenings, audio recorded plays and inspiring readings, plays and messages interspersed throughout the night. Guest artists added richness to the programme by offering beautifully choreographed dances and melodious Bhajans and Kirtans.At Reservoir Hills, our Divine Master's voice and Pujya Swamiji's pre-recorded Bhajans in praise of Lord Siva inspired the congregation. The informative presentation by our Spiritual Darlings explaining the symbols that typically appear in pictures of Lord Siva was well received.

Message for the New Year
"Make a Beginning - Start from Today" 
Sri Swami Sivananda 

All over the world, the old year has just now passed out and a New Year has commenced. Through the age-long association of ideas, time has come to have a peculiar efficacy for all beginnings, fresh endeavours, new resolves and turning over a new leaf. It is the most propitious time. Make full use of this psychological moment. Do not lose this opportunity.

14 December 2015

Dear Spiritual Darling

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

We have come to the end of yet another year. We pray that all went well at school/ university. You are looking forward to the summer vacation, no doubt!

Gurudev Centenary 2020

Sri Swami Sivananda

(1887 - 1963)

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