Om Namo Bhagavade Sivanandaya

Established in 1949 by Sri Swami Sivananda

Social Welfare

Social Welfare (9)

1. A Peace Centre which has a Shrine where those afflicted with the above-mentioned problems will learn to pray and turn to God for help. The Peace Centre is decorated with beautiful pictures of exotic birds, animals, scenic wonders with inspiring and uplifting sayings by Sri Swami Sivananda. Daily Ganga Arati and prayer service also takes place.

2. Counselling rooms where youth receive guidance on how to overcome bad habits.

3. A hall where regular Sunlit Path Programmes are conducted. The hall also serves as an indoor sports facility, giving youth the opportunity to play sport rather than take to bad habits.

4. A Computer Training Centre to teach computer literacy so that unemployed persons may acquire skills and earn a livelihood.

5. A Sewing School that teaches sewing skills so that unemployed persons can find employment in this field, or even start their own business.

6. Dining room & kitchen.

7. A Library with instructive and inspiring books.

8. Living quarters for resident supervisors.

9. An Alternate Health Remedies Clinic operates at the Centre.

10. Once a week, a programme is conducted for senior citizens.

Apart from the overcoming programmes, all activities at the Centre will be directed towards helping youth. Indoor sports, youth conferences, talks, plays, film shows, documentaries, etc. will be planned with this in mind.

The Centre is managed entirely by Divine Life Society of South Africa, in the same manner as the Sivananda Ghat is managed. Guidelines for the Centre's functioning were given by Pujya Swamiji as early as 2006. Strict levels of discipline and conduct are observed at the Centre, in keeping with the rules observed at the Society's Ashrams and at the Sivananda Ghat. 

1. The Centre has trained devotees to counsel children on how to keep away from drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc. Instructors will also help youth and Spiritual Darlings deal with depression and suicidal tendencies which are very serious problems in areas such as Chatsworth.

2. They will receive extremely valuable literature written by Sri Swami Sivananda and Sri Swami Sahajananda that will guide them and teach them coping skills. The literature has universal appeal, and the teachings can be followed by adults and Spiritual Darlings of other faiths also, like Islam and Christianity.

3. The booklet, Bringing up Spiritual Darlings gives informative instructions to parents on how to guide and bring up their Spiritual Darlings. The term "Spiritual Darling" was used by the Divine Master, Sri Swami Sivananda, when he addressed children.

4. The booklet, Pathway to Peace & Happiness also contains valuable information on a variety of subjects, like the evils of gambling, liquor habits, how hostile forces create accidents, suicides, calamities, etc.

5. Pathway to Peace & Happiness is having a great impact on bereaved families who come to Sivananda Ghat, next to the Clare Estate Crematorium, to dispose of ashes of their beloved ones. Hundreds of people are turning to God by visiting the Ghat and reading the spiritual literature. A shrine of Christ is installed there because Christians are also resorting to cremation. Any number of tributes are being paid by those visiting the Ghat. They make their comments in writing, praising the Ghat for its divine, serene atmosphere. The comment invariably made is that the Ghat is "heaven on earth".

6. The most important instruction will be how they should turn to God for protection against bad habits, that God is their Friend, Mother and Father. Daily prayer will be highlighted and emphasised as the most important instruction.

7. Spiritual Darlings will be taught to maintain a diary to monitor their habits.Their diaries will be scrutinised once a fortnight or once a month and suitable awards given to them.

8. Maybe, once every six months or so, a graduation ceremony will be held where all the Spiritual Darlings who have maintained a spiritual diary and successfully overcome their bad habits will receive awards.

9. Spiritual Darlings who have overcome their bad habits and are fully trained will become ambassadors of the Centre and help to protect and advise other Spiritual Darlings on how to triumph over the bad habits mentioned above.

10. Instructions will be given about right diet for Spiritual Darlings and their parents to help combat their problems.

In 2006, Pujya Swami Sahajananda initiated the Sivananda Sunlit Path Programme to assist youth to cope with social evils such as drug & alcohol abuse, gambling, etc. and those suffering with depression and contemplating suicide. Numerous programmes have been conducted throughout the province, and over 1 700 children have signed a pledge to stay away from the above-mentioned social evils. They have now become members of the prestigious Sunlit Club, and receive a free supply of a quarterly magazine, Sunlit Path, which contains helpful articles written by Sri Swami Sivananda to help them in their daily lives. Daily prayer and turning to God for help are the main themes of the programme.

Sivananda Sunlit Path Centre

When a beautiful property in Chatsworth was donated to the Society by the Vedanta Mission in 2006, Pujya Swami Sahajananda decided that it will be the home of the Sivananda Sunlit Club, aimed at assisting youth afflicted with the above-mentioned problems.

Construction commenced in 2009, and the Centre was opened in April 2011. Although its primary focus is assisting youth, the Centre also comprises a Prayer Hall with a Peace Centre and Ganga Rani, an indoor sports centre, counselling rooms where youth having problems with drugs & alcohol, depression with suicidal tendencies, etc. are given assistance, an alternate remedies clinic, a sewing training centre, computer training centre, soya milk making facility, organic vegetable gardens and residential quarters.

The counselling of those afflicted with drug related problems is based on the teachings of the Divine Master and Pujya Swami Sahajananda. The approach is purely spiritual. Youth are given guidelines and a spiritual diary to fill in, as well as literature to help them with their problems. Those seeking assistance with the above-mentioned problems may call at the centre from Monday - Friday between 9am and 4pm.

The skills training centres equip the unemployed with skills that will help them to secure jobs. Skills are taught in sewing, computer literacy, organic gardening and soya milk-making. Weekly programmes are also conducted for senior citizens. 

List of Projects

Divine Life Society of SA projects (1974-2010) 

Most of the projects listed here have been undertaken by Divine Life Society of South Africa for the poor and disadvantaged in deep rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal. Most of the projects are undertaken in partnership with Municipalities or Government Departments. Some have been funded fully by the Society.

1. Sivananda Higher Primary School, Mahlabatini.
2. Ekudubekeni Secondary School, Mahlabatini.
3. Macanya B.C. School, Upper Tongaat.
4. Umgada B.C. School, Umlazi
5. Mshwasi B.C. School, lIIovo.
6. Inhlakanipho Secondary School, KwaMashu.
7. Lay Ecumenical Centre, Edendale.
8. Mshwati Memorial B.C. School, Upper Tongaat.
9. Isikontshe B.C. School, Umlazi.
10. Mqawe High School, Inanda. (Laboratory & Library).
11. Empushini B.C. School, Umbumbulu.
12. Shayamoya Primary School, Umkomaas.
13. Amoti B.C. School, Inanda.
14. Amoti Junior School, Inanda.
15. Plessislaer B.C. School, Pietermaritzburg.
16. Sivananda Clinic, Inanda.
17. Ekudubekeni Secondary School, Mahlabatini. (Additional Classrooms).
18. Sivananda Higher Primary School, Mahlabatini. (Additional Classrooms).
19. Kwa Madalla Primary School, Elandskop.
20. Abalindi Welfare Society, Inanda. (Dining Room).
21. Intshisekelo Junior Secondary School, Inanda.
22. Vulingqondo School, Ntumeni.
23. Abalindi Welfare Society, Inanda. (Dormitories).
24. Taylor's Halt School, Pietermaritzburg.
25. M.V. Unulu School, Pietermaritzburg.
26. Odidini Bandu Secondary School, Umbumbulu.
27. Kwa Simamane Lower Primary School, Ndwedwe.
28. Kwa Jessop B.C. School, Umsunduze Mission.
29. Ceremony B.C. School, Ntumeni.
30. Hloniphani School, Tongaat.
31. Wozamoya Secondary School, Hammarsdale.
32. Endakane High School, Ezakheni.
33. Mshiyana High School, Inanda.
34. Nkosinathi Junior School, Inanda.
35. Amazibu B.C. School, Umbumbulu.
36. Sivananda Centenary Clinic, Umzinyati.
37. Kwa Bazothini Secondary School, Inanda.
38. Lihithemba Secondary School, Ndwedwe.
39. Mqolombeni B.C. School, Mid-lllovo.
40. Ndlandlama Combined School, Umbumbulu.
41. Amatikwe Lower Primary School, Inanda.
42. Phuthumani Lower Primary School, KwaMashu.
43. Enkwambase B.C. School, Tongaat.
44. Mcetshwa Lower Primary School, Inanda.
45. Mqoqozi Higher Primary School, Umbumbulu.
46. Abalindi Welfare Society, Inanda. (Additional Dormitories).
47. Mashiyamahle Junior Secondary School, Verulam.
48. Emolweni Lower Primary School, Hillcrest.
49. Kwa Gwegwe Lower Primary School, Umbumbulu.
50. Mnganiwakhe Secondary School, lIIovo Beach.
51. Nombika Secondary School, Ndwedwe.
52. Sisebenzile Secondary School, Ndwedwe.
53. Egweni Lower Primary School, Dalton.
54. Nkulisabantu Lower Primary School, KwaMashu.
55. Kwa Bazothini Junior Secondary School, Inanda.
56. Khanyanjalo Lower Primary School, Inanda.
57. Sokalisa Higher Primary School, KwaMashu.
58. Shayamoya Lower Primary School, KwaMashu.
59. Mandlakayise Lower Primary School, Inanda.
60. Ingqunequlu Secondary School, Hillcrest.
61. Sivananda Thubelihle Training Centre, Empangeni.
62. 181 Homes for Displaced Indians & Africans, Waterloo, Verulam.
63. Ndwedwe Central Clinic, Ndwedwe.
64. Sivananda Technical College & High School, KwaMashu.
65. Sikhwama Junior Secondary School, Isipingo.
66. Christian Care Centre, KwaMashu.
67. Umlazi Technical College, Sewing Centre, Umlazi.
68. Umlazi Technical College, Printing Department, Umlazi.
69. Sivananda Technical College, KwaMashu (Additional Classrooms).
70. Sivananda Technical Institute, Mahlabatini.
71. Computer Centre, Sivananda Technical College & High School, KwaMashu.
72. Esizibeni Sivananda-Sadhu Vaswani High School, Umgababa.
73. Hydroponics Project, Spes Nova School, Phoenix, Durban.
74. Hydroponics Project, Crisis Care Centre, Hillcrest.
75. Hydroponics Project, Pietermaritzburg Blind & Deaf Society.
76. Hydroponics Project, V.N. Naik Deaf School, Newlands.
77. Besters Primary School, Inanda
78. Esidumbini Clinic, Ozwanatini, Upper Tongaat.
79. Miriam Cele, KwaMashu-Orphaned Children.
80. Sivananda Technical College & High School (Extensions).
81. Nelisiwe Ganga Baptismal Centre, Port Durnford.
82. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Richards Bay.
83. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Umlazi Technical College.
84. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Mnini, Umgababa.
85. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Estcourt.
86. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Port Durnford.
87. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Uthungulu, Kwa Mthethwa.
88. eGoqo-Sivananda Primary School, Zululand.
89. Felifa-Sivananda High School, Zululand.
90. Celukiphiwe-Sivananda School, Estcourt.
91. Khuthala Sivananda Junior Primary School, Umlazi, Phase 1.
92. Kingsley-Sivananda Primary School, Vryheid.
93. Sivananda Junior School, Mahlabatini (Library & Toilets).
94. Sivananda Handicraft Centre, Esikhawini, Zululand.
95. Joko-Sivananda High School, Hlophekhulu, Zululand.
96. Phuzamanzi-Sivananda Primary School, Zululand.
97. Muziyaqokwa-Sivananda Primary School, Zululand.
98. Sivananda Myekeni Primary School, Zululand.
99. Mthingana-Sivananda High School, Vryheid, Zululand.
100. Welabasha-Sivananda High School, Kwa Mthethwa
101. Verdrukt-Sivananda Primary School, Vryheid, Zululand.
102. Empumleleweni-Sivananda Prim. School, Ingwavuma, Jozini.
103. Vukanimazulu-Sivananda High School, Pongola District.
104. Sizakahle Sivananda Primary School, Pongola District.
105. Ebuhleni Ganga Baptismal Centre, Inanda.
106. Ntombazi Sivananda Primary School, Fefe Area, Nongoma.
107. Lethukuhlakanipha, eDumbe, Zululand.
108. Abaqulusini Combined School, eDumbe, Zululand.
109. Mpembeni School, Gluckstadt, Abaqulusi, Zululand.
110. Mahlabaneni Sivananda Primary School, Zululand.
111. Sizanempi Primary School, Nhlazatshe, Ulundi.
112. Magqezulana Sivananda High, Ntambonde-Ceza, Ulundi.
113. Sivananda Prince Kwaziphethe High School, Nongoma, Phase 1.
114. Estcourt Primary School, Estcourt.
115. Gigimane High School, Kwa Mthethwa.
116. Sivananda Zululand Medical & Training Centre, Ulundi HIV/AIDS.
117. eMunyuwana Primary School, Ingwavuma, Jozini, Phase 1.
118. Mpiyonke Primary School, Nongoma.
119. Trust Feed Primary, Pietermaritzburg.
120. Sishongani Primary School, Emondlo.
121. Itshobane Primary School, Nongoma.
122. Nomzamo Sivananda Primary School, Kokstad.
123. Shayamoya Sivananda Primary School, Umzinto.
124. Mtwazi Sivananda Primary, Mkuze.
125. Ezimbidleni Primary School, Ubombo.
126. Nqobizizwe Primary School, Nibela, Hluhluwe.
127. Qomukhuphila Primary School, Nibela, Hluhluwe.
128. Ubuhlebemvelo Sivananda Primary School, St. Lucia.
129. Phumlani Sivananda Primary, Hluhuwe.
130. Sivananda Ghat, Clare Estate.
131. Sewing Centre, Shree Veeraboga Emperumal Temple, Tongaat.
132. Shembe-Sivananda Sewing Centre, Inanda.
133. Sewing Centre, Sivanandashram, Merebank.
134. Sewing Centre, Sivanandashram, Havenside.
135. Sewing Centre, Sivanandashram, Pietermaritzburg.
136. Zwelithini Sivananda Skills Training Centre, Nongoma.
137. eMunyuwana Sivananda Primary School, Ingwavuma, Phase 2.
138. Kwazipetha Sivananda High School, Nongoma, Phase 2.
139. Sebenzakanzima High School, uPhongolo.
140. Sakhumuzi Primary School, uPhongolo.
141. Mqubuka School, Nongoma
142. Mpilweni School, Nongoma.
143. Nhlakanipho Primary, eDumbe.
144. Sonkela Primary School, eDumbe.
145. Inyathi Primary, Abaqulusi.
146. Mange Primary, Abaqulusi.
147. Kwazikhonele Primary School, Ulundi.
148. Hlanganani C.P. School, Ulundi.
149. Phunyane Primary School, Hlabisa.
150. Msindazwe Primary School, Hluhluwe.
151. Mfakubheka Primary School, Kwangawanase.
152. Ekwebezii Primary School, Nkonjeni.
153. Mbalekelwa Primary, Ingwavuma.
154. Ogweni Primary School, uPongola.
155. Ludaka Primary School, Ingwavume.
156. Ntswalakahla Primary School, eMondlo.
157. Nqulwana Primary School, Mahlabathini, Ulundi.
158. Sizane Primary School, Ulundi.
159. Hawa Senior Primary, Illembe, Ndwedwe West.
160. Incophekulu Junior Primary, Umlazi.
161. Inkongolese Primary School, Umlazi.
162. Inselele Junior Primary, Umlazi.
163. Ntwela Junior Primary, Umlazi.
164. Siphesihle High School, Pinetown.
165. Kasturba Gandhi Primary School, Phoenix.
166. Khulabone Primary School, Hlabisa.
167. Hlabisa Sivananda Training Centre, Hlabisa.
168. Khuthala Sivananda Jnr. Primary School, Umlazi, Phase 2.
169. Namaneni Sivananda High School, Ingwavume.
170. Mthiyakwa High School, Nkandla.
171. Ezibindini Primary School, Mahlabathini.
172. Siyaphambili Primary School, Paulpietersburg.
173. Isikhwebezi Primary School, Mahlabathini.
174. Muntuyedwa Primary School, Eshowe.
175. Gijimane High School, Kwambonambi (Admin Block & Renovation).
176. Enhlanhleni Secondary School, Uphongola.
177. Khobongo Sivananda Primary School, Ingwavuma.
178. Luboko Sivananda Primary School, Ingwavuma.
179. Siyaphambili Sivananda Primary School, Hlabisa, Phase 1.
180. Ubuhlebemvelo Sivananda Primary School, St. Lucia, Phase 2.
181. Sifisokuhle Primary School, Bergville.
182. Maya Primary School, Bergville.
183. Mallotas Kraal School, Bergville.
184. Mqedandaba High School, Bergville.
185. Amazizi High School, Bergville.
186. Okhombe Primary School, Bergville.
187. Insukangihlale Primary School, Bergville.
188. Izwelisizwe Primary School, Mbali, Pietermaritzburg.
189. Bambalala Primary School, Mbali, Pietermaritzburg.
190. Sobonakhona High School, Mbali, Pietermaritzburg.
191. Mpumelelo High School, Loskop.
192. Shayamoya Higher Primary School, Estcourt.
193. Inkomazini Technical High School, Estcourt.
194. Menziwa Primary School, Richmond.
195. Sizakhele Sivananda Special School, Ingwavuma.
196. Umnyezane Primary School, Mbali, Pietermaritzburg.
197. Sivananda Etshaneni Airport, Zululand (pending).
198. Kwa Nokuso Primary School, Ndwedwe (renovation).
199. Ndwedwe Junior Primary Scool, Ndwedwe (renovation).
200. Madnokoni Primary School, Ndwedwe (renovation).
201. Ubuhlebemvelo Sivananda Primary School, St. Lucia (Renovation).
202. Ubuhlebemvelo Sivananda Primary School, St. Lucia (Library & Skills Centre).
203. Nomzamo Sivananda Primary School, Kokstad (Admin. Block).
204. Housing Project of 248 Homes, Phase 1, Parkgate, Verulam.
205. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Parkgate, Verulam (pending).
206. Sivananda Swimming Pool, Ulundi.
207. Mbangayiya Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
208. Sishishili Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
209. Sibusisile Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
210. Sogodi Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
211. Bhekeni Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
212. Lwandlase Sivananda Primary School, Nkandla.
213. Somfula Sivananda High School, Hlabisa.
214. Nsalamanga Sivananda High School, Manguzi, Phase 1.
215. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Gamalakhe, South Coast.
216. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ezingolweni, South Coast.
217. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nkandla.
218. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ntambanana, Zululand.
219. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Uphongola.
220. Sivananda Zululand Recreation Centre, Ulundi.
221. Sivananda Emaphambeni Primary School, Nongoma.
222. Sivananda Esandlasenkosi J.S. School, Ubombo.
223. Bizimali Primary School, Nkandla.
224. Inhlawati Primary School, Hlabisa.
225. Nyoni High School, Msinga.
226. Our Lady Primary School, Ingwavuma.
227. Ikwezi Sivananda Primary School, Mangazi.
228. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Hluhluwe.
229. Nsabalele Primary School, Mtubatuba.
230. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Esibayeni, Zululand.
231. Nsalamanga High School, Manguzi, Phase 2.
232. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Midlands, Muden.
233. ML Sultan Secondary School, Stanger.
234. Sizakhele Sivananda Special School, Ingwavuma.
235. Drakensburg Secondary School, Estcourt.
236. Somfula Secondary School, Hlabisa, Phase 2.
237. Sakhumuzi Primary School, Phase 2, Uphongola.
238. Ntolwane Primary School, Nkandla.
239. Amazizi High School, Bergville, Phase 2.
240. Okhombe Primary School, Bergville, Phase 2.
241. Namaneni High School, Ingwavume, Phase 2.
242. Siyaphambili Sivananda Primary School, Hlabisa, Phase 2.
243. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ulundi.
244. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Richards Bay.
245. Sivananda Peace & Skills Train. Centre, Umhlabuyalingana.
246. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mtubatuba.
247. Mbonomuhle Primary School, Nkandla.
248. Nhlakanipho Primary School, Edumbe, Phase 2.
249. Nomzamo Primary School, Kokstad, Phase 3.
250. Mtwazi Primary School, Mkuze, Phase 3.
251. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nkandla.
252. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Kwambonambi.
253. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ntambanana.
254. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Uphongola (King Goodwill).
255. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Msinga.
256. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Bergville.
257. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ndwedwe.
258. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ndwedwe.
259. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Uthungulu.
260. Sivananda Hlalauphile Community Skills Centre, Nsuza.
261. Mgangatho Sivananda Primary School, Hlabisa.
262. Kwa-Bulawayo Sivananda High School, Hlabisa.
263. Sivananda Creche, Umhlabuyalingana
264. Nsalamanga Sivananda High School, Phase 3, Manguzi.
265. Somfula Sivananda High School, Phase 3, Hlabisa.
266. Sivananda Arjuna Peace & Skills Centre, Hlabisa.
267. Sivananda Technical College, KwaMashu (renovation of hall).
268. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Sivananda Technical College, KwaMashu.
269. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Weenen.
270. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Imbabazane.
271. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Umtshezi.
272. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Indaka.
273. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Okhahlamba.
274. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Arena Park, Chatsworth.
275. Sivananda Gozololo Home for Needy Children, Umgababa.
276. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mombeni.
277. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mbongolwane.
278. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Imfihlo.
279. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Habeni.
280. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Sithlo.
281. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Gawuza.
282. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Owemeni.
283. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, eDumbe.
284. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nongoma.
285. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Uphongola.
286. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ulundi.
287. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Abaqulusi.
288. Glenhills Secondary School, Glenhills, Stanger.
289. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mbaswane.
290. Sivananda Kwamsane Development Centre, Kwamsane.
291. Lay Ecuminecal Centre, Edendale (renovation).
292. Sivananda Ghat, Pietermaritzburg (pending).
293. Intathakusa Sivananda Sewing Centre, KwaMashu.
294. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Phaphama, Umlalazi.
295. Sivananda Creche, Isidipha, Umlalazi.
296. Sivananda Creche, Mpushini, Umlalazi.
297. Sivananda Creche, Sibonile, Umlalazi.
298. Sivananda Creche, Kwa Sibhamu, Umlalazi.
299. Sivananda Creche, Enkume, Umlalazi.
300. SOS Centre, Pietermaritzburg.
301. Sivananda Creche, Neekuya School, Umlalazi.
302. Sivananda Neekuya School, Umlalazi.
303. Sivananda Maqotha School, Umlalazi.
304. Sivananda Phandapasi School, Umlalazi.
305. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Kranskop, Umvoti.
306. Sivananda Norwood Park Community Hall, Umlalazi.
307. Sivananda Veleshowe Community Hall, Umlalazi.
308. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mbongolwane, Ward 3, Umlalazi.
309. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ngudwini, Ward 5, Umlalazi.
310. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Siphezi, Ward 9, Umlalazi.
311. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ethafeni, Ward 18, Umlalazi.
312. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ufasimba, Ward 24, Umlalazi.
313. Sivananda Creche, Izinsundu, Umlalazi.
314. Sivananda Creche, Emcongweni, Umlalazi.
315. Sivananda Creche, Imbangayiya, Umlalazi.
316. Sivananda Creche, Nyezane, Umlalazi.
317. Sivananda Creche, Wombane, Umlalazi.
318. Sivananda Creche, Tap Tap, Umlalazi.
319. Parkgate Housing Project of 88 homes, Phase 2, Verulam.
320. Sivananda Luwamba Wellness Centre, Ntambanana, comprising:
Peace & Skills Training Centre.
Government Offices.
Male Ward Building.
Female Ward Building.
Drop-in Centre.
Administration Offices.
Kitchen/ Dining Hall.
Ablution Block.
321. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Clermont.
322. Sivananda Creche, Mbangiyaya, Umlalazi.
323. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Izindophe, Umlalazi Municipality.
324. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Shakaland, Umlalazi.
325. Sivananda Creche & Skills Training Centre, Mandawe, Umlalazi.
326. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mbonglowane, Umlalazi.
327. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Amahuzu, Umlalazi.
328. Sivananda Creche, Ward 6, Umlalazi.
329. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 1, Ntonjaneni.
330. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 2, Ntonjaneni.
331. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 3, Ntonjaneni.
332. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 4, Ntonjaneni.
333. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 5, Ntonjaneni.
334. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 6, Ntonjaneni.
335. Sivananda Sobantu Peace & Skills Training Centre, Pietermaritzburg.
336. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nsuza, Ward 7, Ndwedwe.
337. Sivananda Creche, Nsuza, Ward 7, Ndwedwe.
338. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Glendale, Ndwedwe.
339. Sivananda Creche, Glendale, Ndwedwe.
340. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 18, Ndwedwe.
341. Sivananda Creche, Ward 18, Ndwedwe.
342. Sivananda Skills Training Centre, Dokodweni School, Dokodweni.
343. Parkgate Housing Project of 39 homes, Phase 3, Verulam. (Total number of homes built at Parkgate: 385.)
344. Sivananda Madidima Creche, Ward 1, Umlalazi.
345. Sivananda Crèche, Ward 1, Umlalazi.
346. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Shree Veeraboga Emperumal Temple, Tongaat.
347. Sivananda Creche, Indaka.
348. Sivananda Creche, Bergville.
349. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Muden, Umvoti.
350. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Kranskop, Umvoti.
351. Sivananda Creche, Ward 1, Ntambanana.
352. Sivananda Creche, Ward 2, Ntambanana.
353. Sivananda Creche, Ward 3, Ntambanana.
354. Sivananda Creche, Ward 4, Ntambanana.
355. Sivananda Creche, Ward 6, Ntambanana.
356. Sivananda Creche, Ward 7, Ntambanana.
357. Sivananda Creche, Ward 8, Ntambanana.
358. Sivananda Christianenburg Creche, Clermont.
359. Sivananda Siyahubeka Creche, Ward 19, Ndwedwe.
360. Sivananda Macekane Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 23, Umlalazi.
361. Sivananda KwaSibhamu Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 20, Umlalazi.
362. Sivananda Mpehalela Creche, Ward 25, Umlalazi.
363. Sivananda Emseni Creche, Ward 21, Umlalazi.
364. Sivananda Esisubeni Creche, Ward 10, Umlalazi.
365. Sivananda Enzamo Creche, Ward 4, Umvoti.
366. Sivananda Ebhuyeni Creche, Ward 4, Umvoti.
367. Sivananda KwaNsundu Creche, Ward 5, Umvoti.
368. Sivananda Thulini Creche, Ward 8, Umvoti.
369. Sivananda KwaDinda Creche, Ward 10, Umvoti.
370. Sivananda Kranskop Creche, Ward 10, Umvoti.
371. Sivananda Sunlit Path Centre, Arena Park, Chatsworth.
372. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 2, Ntambanana.
373. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 5, Ntambanana.
374. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 6, Ntambanana.
375. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 8, Ntambanana.
376. Sivananda Creche, Ward 4, Umlalazi.
377. Sivananda Creche, Ward 14, Umlalazi.
378. Sivananda Creche, Ward 22, Umlalazi.
379. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 6, Umlalazi.
380. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 16, Umlalazi.
381. Sivananda Isisphoso School, Ward 14, Umlalazi.
382. Sivananda Maqotha School, Ward 5, Umlalazi.
383. Swami Sahajananda Community Centre, Estcourt.
384. Sivananda Creche, Umfolozi.
385. Sivananda Creche, Ward 4, Ntambanana.
386. Sivananda Creche, Nyezane, Umlalazi.
387. Sivananda Creche, Umfolozi.
388. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nkandla.
389. Sivananda Creche, Mnsonono, Ward 1, Ndwedwe.
390. Sivananda Creche, Qalakahle, Ward 5, Ndwedwe.
391. Sivananda Creche, Phambela, Ward 6, Ndwedwe.
392. Sivananda Creche, Maqokomela, Ward 10, Ndwedwe.
393. Sivananda Creche, Isithupha, Ward 11, Ndwedwe.
394. Sivananda Creche, Kwa-Bhemu, Ward 14, Ndwedwe.
395. Sivananda Creche, Nhlosane, Ward 17, Ndwedwe.
396. Sivananda Creche, Nkanyezi, Ward 19, Ndwedwe.
397. Sivananda Sewing Centre, Lotus Primary School, Chatsworth.
398. Sivananda Wing, North Coast Centre for Alcoholics (NOCCA), Tongaat.
399. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, KwaSizabantu, Ward 10, Umvoti.
400. Sivananda Creche, Momotheka, Ward 10, Umvoti.
401. Sivananda Creche, KwaSenge, Ward 10, Umvoti.
402. Sivananda Creche, Ophathe, Ward 9, Umvoti.
403. Clare Estate Senior Citizen's Association, Durban.
404. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Bilanyoni, Ward 4, eDumbe.
405. Sivananda Creche, Kwa Ngwanya, Ward 2, eDumbe.
406. Sivananda Creche, Ophuzane, Ward 5, eDumbe.
407. Sivananda Creche, KwaVoya, Ward 7, eDumbe.
408. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Matimatolo, Ward 2, Umvoti.
409. Sivananda Creche, Njengabantu, Ward 2, Umvoti.
410. Sivananda Creche, Eshane, Ward 4, Umvoti.
411. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Emadekeni, Ward 6, Umvoti.
412. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Mavalane, Ward 5, Umvoti.
413. Sivananda Creche, Etsheni, Ward 5, Umvoti.
414. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Emvoti, Ward 1, Umvoti.
415. Sivananda Creche, Esigodini, Ward 1, Umvoti.
416. Sivananda Creche, Thintumkhaba, Ward 9, Umlalazi.
417. Sivananda Creche, Naickerville, Ward 18, Umlalazi.
418. Sivananda Creche, KwaMfana, Ward 13, Umlalazi.
419. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Vukayibamba, Ward 17, Umlalazi.
420. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Nyonibizumuntu, Ward 19, Umlalazi.
421. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Sunnydale, Ward 11, Umlalazi.
422. Sivananda Creche, Nkambini, Ward 13, Ndwedwe.
423. Sivananda Creche, Chibini, Ward 4, Ndwedwe.
424. Sivananda Creche, Mpungeni, Ward 15, Ndwedwe.
425. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Zakhele, Ward 7, Ndwedwe.
426. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Noordsburg, Ward 6, Ndwedwe.
427. Esizibeni Sivananda-Sadhu Vaswani High School, Umgababa. (Laboratory and Technical Drawing Room).
428. Sivananda Makhumbuso High School, Umlazi.
429. Sivananda Sicelimpumelelo Primary School, eDumbe.
430. Sivananda Sifundakhle Creche, eDumbe.
431. Sivananda Mshwalakahla School, Abaqulusi.
432. Sivananda Lethuthando Creche, Abaqulusi.
433. Sivananda KwaJuba School, Nongoma.
434. Sivananda Ngolotshe Creche, Nongoma.
435. Sivananda Selinde Primary School, Pongola.
436. Sivananda Qhubekani Creche, Pongola.
437. Sivananda Mhlambansila Secondary School, Ulundi.
438. Sivananda Mabeka Creche, Ulundi.
439. Sivananda Sinothando Community Aids Centre, Ndwedwe.
440. Clare Estate Umgeni Hindu Crematorium, Durban.
441. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ematsheni, Ward 15, Umlalazi.
442. Sivananda Kwa-Gqikazi Creche, Ward 20, Ulundi.
443. Sivananda Kwa-Mlaba Creche, Ward 14, Ulundi.
444. Sivananda Ndlovane Creche, Ward 21, Ulundi.
445. Sivananda Zimele Creche, Ward 12, Pongola.
446. Sivananda Sondaba Creche, Ward 8, Pongola.
447. Sivananda Sekuyasa Creche, Ward 12, Pongola.
448. Sivananda Khulani Creche, Ward 6, eDumbe.
449. Sivananda Mashekelela Creche, Ward 7, eDumbe.
450. Sivananda Siyethemba Creche, Ward 8, eDumbe.
451. Sivananda Ezinkanjini Creche, Ward 1, Abaqulusi.
452. Sivananda Edlabe Creche, Ward 2, Abaqulusi.
453. Sivananda Mahalakaqa Creche, Ward 3, Abaqulusi.
454. Sivananda Sheleza Creche, Ward 12, Nongoma.
455. Sivananda Mchenene Creche, Ward 2, Nongoma.
456. Sivananda Bhanganomo Creche, Ward 1, Nongoma.
457. Sivananda Christianenburg Laboratory, Christianenburg School, Clermont.
458. Nondela Primary School, Ward 20, Ulundi. (Renovation).
459. Sivananda V.Z. KaMagwaza-Msibi Training Centre, Ward 3, eDumbe.
460. Sivananda Kusile Creche, Elandskop, Pietermartizburg.
461. Sivananda eZimpangeleni Crèche, Ward 4, Ndwedwe.
462. Sivananda Zakhele Crèche, Ward 7, Ndwedwe.
463. Sivananda Mayika Crèche, Ward 11, Ndwedwe.
464. Sivananda Siphumelele Crèche, Ward 15, Ndwedwe.
465. Sivananda eSigedleni Crèche, Ward 19, Ndwedwe.
466. Sivananda Mdundubezini Crèche, Ward 21, Abaqulusi.
467. Sivananda Mhlongo Crèche, Ward 21, Abaqulusi.
468. Sivananda Intwenhle Crèche, Ward 2, eDumbe.
469. Sivananda Kwasinqanda Crèche, Ward 5, Nongoma.
470. Sivananda Mgadula Crèche, Ward 2, Nongoma.
471. Sivananda Hhoho Crèche, Ward 8, Pongola.
472. Sivananda Sibiyangenkomo Crèche, Ward 5, Pongola.
473. Sivananda Amahulashe Crèche, Ward 17, Ulundi.
474. Sivananda Bhekimbazo Crèche, Ward 14, Ulundi.
475. Sivananda Ezinqunyaneni Crèche, Ward 7, Ulundi.
476. Sivananda Kwameke Crèche, Ward 5, Ulundi.
477. Sivananda Kwasishwili Crèche, Ward 11, Ulundi.
478. Sivananda Mahlathini Crèche, Ward 23, Ulundi.
479. Sivananda Mdumela Crèche, Ward 1, Ulundi.
480. Sivananda Okhukho Crèche, Ward 15, Ulundi.
481. Sivananda Ekujulukeni Crèche, Ward 24, Ulundi.
482. Sivananda Mbangayiya Crèche, Ward 12, Ulundi.
483. Sivananda Mbululisa Crèche, Ward 10, Ulundi.
484. Sivananda Obhokweni Crèche, Ward 7, Ulundi.
485. Rockford Primary School, Phoenix (Renovation).
486. Verulam Daycare Centre (multipurpose block).
487. Sivananda Crèche, Ward 1, Impendle.
488. Sivananda Crèche, Ward 2, Impendle.
489. Sivananda Crèche, Ward 4, Impendle.
490. Sivananda Peace & Skills Training Centre, Ward 3, Impendle.
491. Sivananda Isiphosethu Creche, Ward 12, Abaqulusi.
492. Sivananda Lakeside Creche, Ward 22, Abaqulusi.
493. Sivananda Sisanda Creche, Ward 5, Abaqulusi.
494. Sivananda Thandanani Creche, Ward 14, Abaqulusi.
495. Sivananda Mbalenhle Creche, Ward 7, eDumbe.
496. Sivananda Sondelani Creche, Ward 5, eDumbe.
497. Sivananda Little Fleet Creche, Ward 3, Nongoma.
498. Sivananda Nhlangwini Creche, Ward 7, Nongoma.
499. Sivananda Nkunzana Creche, Ward 18, Nongoma.
500. Sivananda Magiqweni Creche, Ward 3, Pongola.
501. Sivananda Sakhokuhle Creche, Ward 8, Pongola.
502. Sivananda Echibini Creche, Ward 4, Ulundi.
503. Sivananda Melville Creche, Ward 13, Ulundi.
504. Sivananda Mkhazane Creche, Ward 21, Ulundi.
505. Sivananda Mshiqo Creche, Ward 23, Ulundi.
506. Verulam Daycare Centre (New Wards).
507. Sivananda Edlabane Crèche Ward 6, Ulundi
508. Sivananda Ezibomvu Crèche Ward 9, Ulundi
509. Sivananda Kwa Mpumpula Crèche Ward 4, Ulundi
510. Sivananda Kwa Sishwil Crèche Ward 11, Ulundi
511. Sivananda Magagadolo Crèche Ward 5, Ulundi
512. Sivananda Manekwane Crèche Ward 20, Ulundi
513. Sivananda Mhlwathini Crèche Ward 18, Ulundi
514. Sivananda Njomelwane Crèche Ward 14, Ulundi
515. Sivananda Sgodo Crèche Ward 2, Ulundi
516. Sivananda Bongomusa Crèche, Ward 17, Ulundi
517. Sivananda Sinnenjabulo Crèche,Ward 4, Impendle
518. Sivananda Crèche, Mpofana, Umgungundlovu
519. Sivananda Crèche, Richmond, Umgungundlovu
520. Sivananda Crèche, uMshwathi, Umgungundlovu
521. Sivananda Crèche, uMkhambathini, Umgungundlovu
522. Sivananda Crèche, uMngeni, Umgungundlovu
523. Sivananda Crèche, uMsunduzi, Umgungundlovu
524. Alston Primary School, Pietermaritzburg (renovation)
525. Sivananda Bhekamazimela Crèche, Ward 2, Umlalazi
526. Sivananda Ekholweni Crèche, Ward 8, Umlalazi
527. Sivananda Emayemeni Crèche, Ward 21, Umlalazi
528. Sivananda Khulanathi Crèche, Ward 12, Umlalazi
529. Sivananda Maqotha Crèche, Ward 5, Umlalazi
530. Sivananda Ncakwane Crèche, Ward 23, Umlalazi
531. Sivananda Ntshelintsheli Crèche, Ward 26, Umlalazi
532. Sivananda Sbonelo Crèche, Ward 10, Umlalazi
533. Sivananda Sbonokuhle Crèche, Ward 1, Umlalazi
534. Sivananda Takalani Crèche, Ward 13, Umlalazi
535. Sivananda Nomponjwana Crèche, Ward 2, Ulundi.
536. Sivananda Siyakhuthala Crèche, Ward 14, Abaqulusi
537. Sivananda Ithemba Lomdlali Crèche, Ward 15, Abaqulusi
538. Sivananda Inqubeko Crèche, Ward 17, Abaqulusi
539. Sivananda Tholulwazi Crèche, Ward 19, Abaqulusi
540. Sivananda Ntabatathu Crèche, Ward 19, Ulundi
541. Sivananda Ezwelisha Crèche, Ward 21, Ulundi
542. Sivananda Mthinzima Crèche, Ward 21, Ulundi
543. Sivananda Nquqe Crèche, Ward 24, Ulundi
544. Sivananda Siyanqoba Crèche, Ward 23, Pongola
545. Sivananda Gulukudu Crèche, Ward 4, Pongola
546. Sivananda Isiqalo Crèche, Ward 1, Edumbe
547. Sivananda Madulini Crèche, Ward 6, Pongola
549. Sivananda Ntendeni Crèche, Ward 3, Nongoma
550. Sivananda Odoncaneni Crèche, Ward 11, Nongoma
551. Sivananda Ezola Crèche, Ward 14, Nongoma
552. Sivananda Crèche, Clernaville Primary School, Clermont
553. Victoria Primary School, Tongaat
554. Sivananda Ezimpangeleni Creche, Ward 4, Ndwedwe
555. Sivananda Magongolo Centre for Children with Disabilities, Ward 10, Ndwedwe
556. Sivananda Masango Creche, Ward 13, Ndwedwe
557. Sivanadna Matholamnyama Creche, Ward 11, Ndwedwe
558. Sivananda Kwa Mpansa Creche, Ward 5, Ulundi
559. Sivananda Msingama Creche, Ward 3, Impendhle
560. Sivananda Kethukuthula Lower Primary School, Ward 1, Impendhle
561. Sivananda Gabazi Creche, Ward 1, Ulundi
562. Sivananda Quibokhowe Creche, Ward 3, Ulundi
563. Sivananda Mpolweni Creche, Ward 11, Ulundi
564. Sivananda Ukukhanya Creche, Ward 15, Ulundi
565. Sivananda Nzololo Creche, Ward 16, Ulundi
566. Golden Steps School, Verulam
567. Sivananda Youth Centre, Ulundi
568. Sivananda Khethukuthula School, Impendhle
569. iSnembe Secondary School Hall, iSnembe
570. Sivananda Ohayen Creche, Ward 23, Eshowe
571. Sivananda Hlanganani Creche, Ward 2, Maphumolo
572. Sivananda Buyakhle Creche, Ward 1, Maphumolo
573. Sivananda Ngese Creche, Ward 9, Maphumolo
574. Sivananda Ingeza Creche, Ward 14, Eshowe

Other Projects

1. At Umgababa, the Gozololo Children's Home comprising 3 blocks, including a residential block, was established in partnership with the Miriam Cele Centre.

2. In 2005, fifty computers were installed in Computer Training Centres in Stanger, Estcourt and Richards Bay.

3. A joint venture with the Ministry of Sport resulted in the creation of an Olympic-size swimming pool in Ulundi. It is the only public swimming facility in Ulundi.

4. Traditional African Handicraft Centres: 7 such centres were built in 2002 as part of a self-help initiative in rural areas.

5. Two Community Halls were built in the Umlalazi Municipality in 2008.

6. Liberal financial contributions were also made to about 40 temple organisations and institutions in South Africa, as well as numerous institutions abroad.


School Feeding Scheme

Everyday sandwiches are prepared and delivered to schools by devotees of the Society. About 2000 needy children of all races are provided with sandwiches daily.



Hydroponics Gardening

Several hydroponics projects have been set up for charitable institutions to raise funds. These are at Spes Nova School (Phoenix), Crisis Care Centre (Hillcrest), Natal Blind & Deaf Society (Pietermaritzburg) and V.N. Naik School for the Deaf (Newlands). Vegetables grown at these gardens are of excellent quality and provide the centres with opportunities to raise funds.

  • Feeding of 2000 poor people every 1st day of the month
  • Grocery Hamper Drives



Housing Projects

The Society undertook two large housing projects. In the late 1990's, 181 low cost homes were built for displaced Indians and Africans at Waterloo near Verulam.

In 2006, the Society embarked on a major housing project at Parkgate, also near Verulam. Phase 1 & 2 of this project saw 346 homes built and allocated to displaced Indians and Africans for occupation. Phase 3 of the Project, consisting of and additional 39 houses, has now begun. In total, 385 low cost houses will be built at Parkgate.




Old Age Homes

In keeping with the teachings of the Master, the Society interacts with and assists all religious groups. When an appeal was made for providing accommodation for the aged at the Christian Care Centre in KwaMashu, the Society erected a large complex consisting of 36 rooms.

The Abalindi Welfare Society takes care of the aged in the rural area of Inanda. It is led by Rev. Arthur Sibisi. Divine Life Society adopted Abalindi Welfare Society for about 10 years from 1979, building a spacious dining hall, kitchen, pantry and two dormitories. The blocks for these new buildings were made by the members of the Abalindi Welfare Society in their yard. A feeding programme was also commenced to cater for the needs of nearly 500 people. The Indian stall-holders of the Durban Municipal Market generously provided the vegetables free of charge for nearly three years. Surplus cement blocks were sold to Divine Life Society for its school building projects. In 1986 another four dormitories were constructed, and the kitchen was equipped with modern cooking facilities, providing succour for the disabled and aged people of Inanda.

The Abalindi Welfare Society is now on its own feet, a well-organized relief unit, self-sufficient in operation, in the midst of a poor rural African community.

Sewing Centres

In 1993 the Folweni Learning Centre in the Umlazi region was constructed by the Isipingo Rotary Club. The Club approached Divine Life Society to participate in the newly created community facility. A large number of women in the neighborhood were unemployed.

The Society, through the kind help of its many patrons and well-wishers throughout the country, donated 20 motorized sewing machines, 10 Olivetti typewriters, 25 hand-operated sewing machines and one copying machine to the institution.

At Ntuzuma, another poverty-stricken area in the north of Durban, a similar need was identified. The St. John Apostolic Mission, under the direction of Rev. Khumalo, was doing its best to serve the local community. The Society worked closely with this organisation. Four typewriters were donated to it. A sewing centre was started with an initial donation of 10 hand-operated machines, since there was no electricity in the area during that time.

At the Umlazi Technical College, a modern sewing centre has been constructed by the Society and is being efficiently run by the College. The Society donated 30 sewing machines to the College.

The first of all sewing centres built by the Society was at Esikhaweni, near Empangeni. This centre, which is being run by the KwaZulu-Natal Government, provides training for about 100 women. The Society also donated 25 electric sewing machines to the centre.

In 2004, Pujya Swamiji decided that the Society administer sewing centres at its Ashrams. The Society currently administers five sewing schools which house 103 industrial and overlock sewing machines. The Administration Centre is located at Sivanandashram, Havenside, Chatsworth. Two other centres are run at our Ashrams in Merebank and Pietermaritzburg. A centre in Tongaat is managed by the Shree Veeraboga Emperumal Temple. The centre at Newlands West is managed by the Sai Organisation, Durban Region, Newlands.

Training is provided mainly to unemployed adults by qualified trainers who are paid by the Society. Training extends for six weeks, eight hours per day. Certificates are awarded to all “graduates”. Since the inception of this project in 2004, 2300 certificates have been issued. Almost all graduates have been absorbed into the industrial sector.

Trainees are provided with an opportunity of securing a free sewing machine, provided they sell a minimum number of garments sewn at their centre. To this end about 2000 sewing machines were purchased.

The concept of the Peace & Skills Training Centres began as a poverty alleviation project in 2006. Basic skills like sewing, computing and bead-making are being taught at these centres.

The first Peace & Skills Training Centre was built at Gamalakhe, near Port Shepstone early in 2006. To date, 35 Peace & Skills Training Centres in various parts of KwaZulu-Natal have been completed.

The Centres are playing a vital role in serving the needs of the communities in which they are built. Each Centre comprises a large hall designed to accommodate 40 sewing machines, a computer room and a Peace Centre. The Society’s policy is to install sewing machines and computers at all the Centres.

The Society offers to provide free accommodation and training to two prospective trainers from each centre in sewing skills. The Computer Centre will provide the youth and others with training in operating computers. Thirdly, the Peace Centre with its most beautiful colourful pictures of exotic birds, flowers, animals, scenic wonders, etc., with inspiring sayings in Zulu and English from the writings of our Divine Master will educate and uplift the people. Especially, school children enjoy reading highly educative instructions in English and in Zulu. There are sayings for the Junior learners as well as Senior learners. The Peace Centre will also help those with problems and conflicts to sit here and solve their differences. 

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