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How the Ashes are Released into the Umgeni River

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How Ashes are Realeased into the Umgeni River 

1. There are containers with basins on two sides of the Ganga fountain.

2. Water from Ganga is poured into one of the basins.

3. Before the ashes are deposited into the basin by a member of the bereaved family, devotees of the Society repeat some Mantras and the Master's name.

4. While the ashes are being deposited into the basin by a member of the bereaved family, all utter: Hare Hare Gange, Jai Ma Gange several times.

5. Other members of the bereaved family also pour some pure Ganga water into the basin from a small brass vessel.

6. The water from the basin, together with the ashes, is then released into the Umgeni River.

7. All then sing the sweet and melodious Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram or Om Nama Sivaya Mantra in chorus while going round the Ganga fountain eight times.

8. The procedure ends with Shanti Paat, distribution of Prasad and free literature to members of the deceased.

9. Before or after the deposit of the ashes members of the deceased are free to repeat some prayers or perform simple rituals.

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