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Pledge Forms

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Anti Television Pledge Form

NAME :___________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________

___________________________________POSTAL CODE_________

TELEPHONE: CODE_____ TELEPHONE_____________________


If you wish to take such a pledge, kindly complete this form and post to:

Swami Sahajananda

P.O.Box 65282



FAX: +27 +31 262 3248


Boys and girls and even adults who wish to take the Vow of Brahmacharya may complete the form below and post it to: SWAMI SAHAJANANDA, P.O.BOX 65282, RESERVOIR HILLS, 4090, DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA.


Vow of Brahmacharya (Celibacy)

I.............................................hereby take the sacred vow of

Brahmacharya until such time as I get married. I promise the Lord/my Guru I will not break the vow under any circumstances.

NAME : (Block letters) ______________________________________________

Gender:________ Age_______



Parent's Signature______________________________________ 

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